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Vogue Paris

by Kellie Chen |

The next big thing: vegetable scrubs for soft and radiant skin




Green Juice Body Scrub Treatment: Hit Restart, Gain Strength, Boos Energy, $54,

With organic vegetables  in exfoliant form to use from head to toe, Fytt has successfully brought the worlds of yogis and joggers together. On the menu are three scrubs to mix and match with very smoothie-like ingredients like kale, cucumber, flax seeds, spinach, spirulina, ginger (in Hit Restart), beetroot, berries and kiwi (in Gain Strength), ginger and carrots (in Boost Energy) which promise soft, invigorated skin with a dreamy glow. This is all thanks to the high dose of vitamins A, C and K, phytonutrients, antioxidants and vegetarian minerals. As well as exfoliating, they detoxify and boost cellular energy thanks to the inside-out nutritional benefits. To be consumed with a good green juice, of course.

Green Juice Body Scrub Treatment: Hit Restart $54,

Green Juice Body Scrub Treatment: Gain Strength $54, fyttbeauty.comGreen Juice Body Scrub Treatment: Gain Strength $54,

By Carole Sabas, translated by Nicole Rayment the 24 July 2017