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Are you Summer Bikini (Skin) Ready? ☀️👙

☀️Sunkissed☀️. We are totally in the summer state of mind. Are you?🏝

😎Thought we highlight today what our “powerhouse green Hit Restart” can do to get your head-to-toe bikini skin ready. Remember, healthy exfoliation is the base for all of that GLOW.

💚Green Facial, check
🙆🏻‍♀️Armpit Detox, check
🤎Pre-Self-Tanner Exfoliation, check
🍑Booty Facial, check
👙Bikini-line Ingrown Hair, Razor Bump Prevention Treatment, check check!
🧡Dark Knees & Elbow Brightening, check
🦶🏻Pretty Hands & Feet Polishing 💯

It’s time to recharge in the sun. Happy Summer, loves.😚