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The Most Health Conscious Skincare

5x More Plant-Based Nutrients for Skin Wellness

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Plant-Based Nutrients

Feed your skin from the outside in

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Feed Your Skin Plant-Based Nutrients

Did you know that a lot of skin problems may be caused by vitamin deficiency? Just like our body, our skin needs nutrients to thrive. But often we don’t get enough from our diet or skincare products.

We started Fytt to boost your skin wellness with powerful Plant-Based nutrients, from the outside in.


Plant-Powered Exfoliating Mask Treatment

Inspired by the plant-based diet, this Face & Body Mask Collection is fueling your skin from the outside in.

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Loved By

I have had strawberry legs that I could not get rid of, so embarrassing and with summer coming up I've been trying everything with no luck. I figured for the price this was worth a shot, well it completely got rid of my strawberry legs with ONE USE. I am in disbelief. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from any kind of skin issue!!!

Randi W. (Amazon Customer)

I am usually very hesitant about exfoliants given I have sensitive skin, but FYTT left my skin glowing, soft and refreshed. Not only that, but it feels so natural. It doesn't irritate with a bunch of chemicals, but also doesn't feel like a "sugar scrub." 10/10 would recommend over and over again!

Lauren E.

I ordered the smaller bottle first but have already purchased and using the largest size bottle. My boyfriend and I both love this product. It makes your skin feel like it is baby soft skin. Highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to improve the quality of their skin.

Deane D. (Amazon Customer)

Now you can take your love for smoothies into the shower, too. With Kale, Cucumber, Flaxseed, Spinach, and ginger, it pretty much is your favorite green juice!


Foodie Beauty. A true juice cleanse.


The next big thing: vegetable skincare for soft and radiant skin.


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