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A Brand Inspired By Wellness

Healthy Lifestyle Skincare

Inspired by their desire to live a holistic, healthy lifestyle, Kellie Chen, a skincare industry veteran and her husband, Kevin Vu co-founded Fytt.

Fytt is inspired by the word "fit," which by definition means "in good health." Fytt's goal is to activate your skin fitness.

"Our mission is to offer wellness-minded, active individuals the most health-conscious skincare products to complement their lifestyle!”

– Kellie & Kevin


Feed Your Skin Nutrients

Like your body, your skin needs nourishment to stay healthy. 

Many skincare brands promote trendy ingredients and only offer quick-fix solutions. If you have a pimple, the product sells it to be a spot treatment. If you have dull skin, the product sells it to be a brightening solution. They’re not focused on what your skin really needs to stay fundamentally healthy in the long-term.

Many skin issues should be preventative! That's why Fytt was created - to make healthy products to strengthen your skin with the "essential nutrients" it needs, to stay fit. 

Superfoods & Super Grains

Fytt products are formulated with carefully selected Superfoods and Super Grains, healthy ingredients that are packed with large doses of "antioxidants, vitamins and minerals," offering essential nourishment for long-term healthy “fit” skin. 


Vitamin A, C & K

Power Antioxidants

Vitamin B Complex



Gluten Free. Vegan & 10-Free No Toxins Promise

We value your health and safety. All Fytt products are gluten free, and vegan. We use USDA certified organic and natural ingredients to be healthy yet effective. 

We refuse to use any toxic chemicals in anything we create and are committed to formulating without 10 toxins that we believe should not be included in any skincare product, ever!

See below for Fytt’s 10-Free No Toxins Promise.

1. NO Parabens


3. NO Synthetic Fragrance

4. NO Propylene Glycol 

5. NO Mineral Oil 

6. NO PEGs

7. NO Triclosan

8. NO DMDM Hydantoin 


10. NO BHA


Healthy. Active. Dynamic.

Healthy, Active and Dynamic are the words we use to describe the core of our DNA. Fytt is where fitness meets skincare, bringing the energy of your active lifestyle to your beauty regimen. 

Achieve Healthy

Our vision is to be a brand that inspires healthy actions. The creation of #AchieveHealthy is a way to encourage that. We understand that living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. It’s intentional and requires dedication. That’s why we’ll be launching campaigns, so you can share your #AchieveHealthy journey with us. We believe that health is attained through our everyday actions. Let’s do it together. Join our community and #AchieveHealthy with Fytt!

– Kellie & Kevin