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The Beauty Industry Now Wants You To Put Cold-Pressed Juice On Your Face


via @fyttbeauty

A few months ago, one of our favorite skincare gurus Valerie Grandury, founder of the cult-hit natural beauty brand Odacitè, suggested something that caused us to raise our eyebrows.

We were chatting about the best ways to customize Odacitè’s Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque, a dry clay and probiotic formula that users add liquid to at home to activate. Grandury suggested adding “fresh squeezed orange juice or fresh pressed green juice” to the face mask in order to achieve a healthy glow. The vitamin C in orange juice, she explained, brightens the complexion. And green juices are loaded with antioxidant nutrients, which could protect skin from free radical damage.

Honestly, it was just kooky enough that we tried it … and although we’re not sure it made much of a difference on our skin, it was certainly a fun DIY experiment. But it seems that Grandury was onto something—a slew of fresh juice-based skin care companies have premiered on the market, promising that their products will deliver the same benefits to your complexion that a juice cleanse does to your body. The claim? Green juice is great for your insides … so it’s obviously beneficial for your skin, too.

“Studies have shown that nutrients absorbed internally, often, are provided first to the most vital organs, making our skin the last to receive these vitamins and minerals. That is why it is crucial to apply healthy ingredients on skin topically. Fytt products focus on providing essential nutrients for the skin for long-term health benefits,” explained Kevin Vu, a founding partner and President of Fytt, a new skin care range that uses fresh ingredients in its formulations.

Smoothie Beauty, a New York City-based skin care company that delivers fresh, refrigerated face masks (that you could drink if you wanted to!) to beauty lovers in Manhattan, boasts the same philosophy. “Each mask offers a unique blend of organic ingredients—formulated to bring beautifying benefits to every skin type,” the company says on its site.

We’re onboard with using organic, non-toxic ingredients (hi, we’re green beauty obsessed here at Sporteluxe!). But does using fresh ingredients from fruits and vegetables actually make a difference? According to Fytt’s research with doctors and dermatologists, yes: “Our research has consistently indicated that ingredients, depending on their nutritional properties, when applied topically, can penetrate the skin and yield benefits. Cucumber, for example, when putting on the eyes, is known to reduce swelling and puffiness, and helps reduce dark circles. Spirulina and kale both have powerful vitamins and antioxidants that can deliver tremendous skincare benefits.”

So is slathering a green juice-inspired beauty product on your complexion that way to lasting results and the future of organic skincare—or will these formulas prove to be as trendy as the juice cleanses and detoxes they’re modeled after? Maybe. It certainly gives a new meaning to green beauty.

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