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13 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month in 2021!

March 8th was International Women’s Day. March of every year is also Women’s History Month - a month commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Wondering how you can genuinely and educationally celebrate it? Here are sharing some ideas.

  1. Explore the history of women’s rights. If you don’t know the history of women’s rights, now’s a perfect time to learn! put an excellent recap together. Check it out -


  1. Download the Feminist Activist Toolkit. To help educate more people on what feminism actually means, LiveYourDream.Org also put together a comprehensive Feminist Activist Toolkit. It is FREE to download now. It has amazing history and resources.


  1. Be aware of issues women still face today. For example, women still earn less on average than men, carry the majority of household and childcare responsibilities, face workplace stigmas and double standards, and are under-represented in leadership, STEM careers, and politics. Plus, there’s domestic violence, sexual harassment, trafficking, and rape culture.


  1. Support a women’s nonprofit. here are tons of great nonprofits, big and small, working to empower women and move the needle on gender equality.


  1. Host an event to celebrate women. Here are some fun ideas.
    • Watch movies directed by women and with female leads
    • Chill to some feminist shows on Netflix
    • Spin tunes by female artists
    • Write positive affirmations on notes and hand them out
    • Start a conversation about what sisterhood means
  2. Support women-owned businesses.
  3. Write a thank you note to a woman that inspires you.
  4. Write yourself a love note.
  5. Watch TED talks for women.
  6. Support women authors and artists
  7. Mentor a girl or fellow woman.
  8. Join a women’s volunteer club.
  9. Discover your inner Shero.

Happy learning and happy celebrating!