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An Exciting Collaboration with Edith Egoston & Nature Remedies

We are excited to share that Fytt has an exciting collaboration coming up with Edith Agoston & Nature Remedies

HINT: it’s fun, it’s education, and will get you ready for the summer and it has free giveaways!


Edith Egoston – a well-established integrative nutrition health coach who specializes in whole food plant-based approach towards wellness.


Nature Remedies - a community with top-notch health consultants. They offer awesome educational video sessions and wellness content.


Without giving too much away, For today’s post, we did a quick Q&A with Edith. We want to share with you her plant-based transformation journey and how she became the health coach she is today, helping many to achieve their wellness goals.

What aspect of health coaching do you specialize in?

I specialize in holistic plant based coaching, meaning that I recommend clients eat a whole food plant based diet full of life force energy. I favor a high raw diet as I have come to understand that raw plant foods have significantly more healing potential because their nutrients, enzymes, hormones, water content and oxygen are still intact therefore they can provide detoxification and nourishment on a cellular level. I however also understand that most people aren't ready for this lifestyle just yet so I can meet my clients where they're at by always offering the next best option to what they're currently consuming aiming to get them on a whole food diet as soon as possible. I also recommend clients to take a whole person approach when it comes to their wellness and lifestyle, encouraging them to exercise, spend time in nature, cultivate healthy relationships and find fulfilling work as imbalances in these areas can also impact someone's health even if they are eating all of the right foods.

How long have you been a wellness advocate and a health coach?

I have been coaching for 5 years but I've been passionate about wellness my entire life. It is my soul calling.


What do you help your clients achieved?

I have helped clients improve their relationship with themselves and their bodies. This translates in many forms such as higher energy levels, lost weight, improved moods and improved health conditions.


What was your personal wellness/health accomplishment?

 Before I found the courage to leave my old career and pursue my passion I was miserable. I was in a toxic relationship, I was working 70 hours a week for a company that didn't treat me well and I began to see signs of imbalance in my own health from the stress of it all. I started experiencing abdominal pain and trouble with digestion and began researching how to solve my issues. To make a long story short, I regained my passion for health and wellness and this time found the courage to pursue it as my new career and through that process I healed my own digestive issues which I attribute to following my soul path and adopting a plant based vegan diet.


What is your favorite 5-ingredient healthy recipe?

 If you've seen my page, you know I'm a huge smoothie lover so I will have to go with a smoothie recipe. I make a different one every day so it's hard to have a favorite, but I always use: frozen bananas, spinach, another frozen fruit (either mangoes, berries or passion fruit) my homemade plant milk and spirulina.


What is your favorite workout?

 Fortunately, I love to workout. My favorite is resistance training because I love to feel strong but I also love to run, bike, play basketball and swim.


Why do you love to do what you do?

 I love what I do because it serves the greater good of all. I believe we are all connected and unfortunately we are living in a time where adopting a healthy lifestyle is no longer just a trendy thing to do, rather it is and will be even more so, a necessary thing to do for years to come. Not everyone enjoys researching nutrition and overcoming disease, but I do. It brings me joy to be able to gather information and share it with others in hopes of making an impact for the better in their lives. I also know what it feels like to be vibrantly healthy and what it feels like to be unwell; and living with energy, passion and fulfillment is immensely better than the alternative.

We can’t wait to share more about our collaboration on 4/1.