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Better Healthy Skincare Routine

🤩Here at Fytt, the wellness of your skin is our top priority.💪🏼

Here are some tips for your better skin routine recommendation. What do you do to achieve healthy #fitskin?

1️⃣👙Take better care of your body skin. It is as important as your face skin. You should be cleaning, exfoliating, and moisturizing the same way as you do on your face!

2️⃣👄Don’t forget your Lips, Neck and Hands! They also show signs of aging.

3️⃣🧴”Marie Kondo” your skincare routine. Keep what brings your skin “joy”. ;) Declutter and focus on what is truly essential.

4️⃣🛁“Actually” wash your face every night. It’s SO important to get rid of all the dirt and makeup.

5️⃣🛀🏼Mask at least once a week – give your skin that extra boost of nutrition love.

6️⃣🌞Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! SPF is a must.

7️⃣🌏Commit to being a eco-conscious beauty consumer. Use companies with sustainable business models and recycle packaging whenever you can.

8️⃣💦Use a humidifier on a regular basis – this natural environmental hydrator will do your skin good!

9️⃣💧Drink more water. You know this already🤓so make a commitment to actually do it🙌🏻

Happy New 2022!