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7 Ways You Could Be Shower Wrong

Today, we are talking about 🚿🧼🧽🛀🏼

🚿Shower routine matters! “How you shower matters more than when, dermatologists say!”

Here are 7 ways you could be shower wrong!

🌡1. Showering at the Wrong Temperature - cold shower could wake you up but won’t help you relax. Hot water causes your body to lose its natural oil, leaving skin dull, dry, and itchy.

Lukewarm temperature is the most skin loving approach!

🥵🥶2. Showering for Too Long - with dryer skin, you should keep showering time within 10 mins.

🦠3. Washing With a Pouf or a Washcloth - they can act like a reservoir for bacteria, and they can also irritate sensitive or dry skin. Make sure you clean them thoroughly if you do use them.

🧴🧼4. Soaping Up Before You Shampoo - to prevent acne and skin irritation. Following this order in the shower means the wash helps remove any conditioner and leftover shampoo from your skin.

☀️🌚 5. Showering (Only) in the Morning - There’s no one best time of day to shower. Morning shower awakes you. Night shower could relax you and help night sleep!

🛀🏼6. Showering Too Often -Not everyone needs to shower daily, especially in the colder winter months when you’re probably not sweating as much and your skin tends to be drier.

Happy “me” time! 🛀🏼🧽🧼🚿🎶🎵