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Let’s talk about Stretch Marks.

⚡️🤓Let’s talk about Stretch Marks.

They are perfectly normal and natural! Some love theirs. Others want a little less. ☺️

First, what are they?
Stretch marks come about when your skin stretches rapidly. This can be from getting taller, a change in weight or perhaps you’ve welcomed a 👶🏻into the family. As the skin stretches, elastin fibres can tear, and hello stretch marks!

Here are some tips on what we can do about them.

⚡️Exfoliate - Exfoliation buffs away old, worn-out skin cells so your skin can replace them with new ones. It won’t completely make them go away, but it will make them look less visible.

💦Hydrate - Moisturize your bodywith ingredients rich in antioxidants and hydration to cool redness and inflammation, while heals the skin. Body oils could work great as well.

Quick Tip: 🥕Fytt’s Brightening Exfoliating Mask made with carrot & ginger offers a great combo of both exfoliation and nourishing replenishment with healing properties.

🤎Tan – It’s a temporary fix. But, smooth on fake tan to help your stretch marks blend in with the rest of your skin, so they won’t stand out.

📈Laser - this can get $$$, but it may help your skin to make collagen. Talk with a dermatologist.

If else fails, remember: you are beautiful no matter what! 💕💕💕