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Plant-Based Brands That Are Deliciously Fun & Healthy!

Authored by: Planet Bake -

Wellness Products from The Inside Out!

Planet Bake’s mission and value has much to offer. Planet Bake is 100% plant-based - dairy-free, egg-free, 100% gluten-free, 100% sugar free, 100% low-carb - keto-friendly brand. Some products are also 100% soy-free (anything dark chocolate).

It is our mission to create great tasting desserts that are not left with a bad aftertaste that usually comes from Stevia or Monk Fruit. We believe in our mission to provide healthy dessert alternatives to those who need them with no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no gums and non-GMO. Most people feel unwell and have digestive issues from consuming foods that have additives and gums.



1. EAT CANDID @eatcandid - Cacao bites crafted for afternoon delight.

Very low sugar dark chocolate bites that you can add to your child's lunch box to sweeten their afternoon.




2. FYTT Beauty @fyttbeauty - Plant-Powered Face & Body Exfoliating Mask

Healthiest Face & Body Skin Detox'er + 5x More Nutrients + 10-Free No Toxins

This summer we have tried these smoothie face-mask and they worked wonder, they refresh your skin, making it glow and feeling healthy and refreshed even days after application. 

3. The Naked Botanical @thenakedbotanical - USA Farm Grown fresh herbal teas, salts, skin care +more. Our belief: If you feel good, you do good.

There is no better way of detoxing your body using water and natural teas. We stumbled upon this tea brand online and are in love with the natural flavors, taste and delightfulness. Pure wellness from the inside out!

4. Purpose Fuel Foods @purposefuelfoods - Delicious plant based snack bites made with fruits, nuts & superfoods to power your day + Gluten free, no preservatives, no added sugar, vegan.

Speaking of wellness from the inside out, these tasty bites are good for you with no preservatives and no added sugar, just like the Planet Bake donuts.


5. VOR Foods @vorfoods - Makers of Pure & Simple Plant-based Ingredients

When you can’t control your cravings we suggest trying this natural vegan hazelnut spread butter that has low sugar and is a great replacement for Nutella. We are so happy we have found this hazelnut butter. It's extremely delicious on top of Planet Bake’s healthy vegan almond based donuts. Try for yourself :)


6. KETO KRACK'D @ketokrackd - Premium Keto Chocolates made vegan

Yes you hear right, keto chocolate vegan with no strange aftertaste.

This brand is right up our alley, no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohol with the best taste of keto chocolates we have ever tried. 

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