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Hello From Fytt!

Welcome! We started Fytt with the community in mind—people like you, who value wellness, health and beauty alike. That’s why we’re thrilled that you’ve made it to the Fytt Active -- Our Online Guide  to Inspire Health Actions -- where we’ll be sharing inspiration, resources and so much more.

The Fytt Brand

Created by veterans of the beauty industry, Fytt is a healthy skincare line inspired by the word “fit.” We’ve always prioritized a healthy lifestyle, but saw so many brands in the wellness and beauty space focusing on trendy ingredients, instead of a fundamentally healthy approach to living.

We saw an exciting opportunity to meet that need for other wellness-minded consumers like us, and we introduced products that merge beauty and wellness, from the outside, in. We want to help you activate your skin fitness.

Our Mission

The Fytt motto and mission is “achieve healthy.” This phrase represents your own personal wellness journey, and rather than an end goal, it’s all about the daily choices that lead up to a holistically healthy lifestyle, from your skincare to your morning smoothie.

This wellness journey is so much better when the community is involved… which is why creating a space for you here is so important to us.

Your Invitation

Consider Fytt your home, from the pages of our blog—soon to be bursting with inspiration and information—to our social profiles and website. Be sure to check back for events, announcements, and exciting behind-the-scenes exclusives… including product launches.

We believe “healthy” should be an everyday thought, so let’s do it together! Join our community and #AchieveHealthy with Fytt!


Fytt Team