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8 Healthy Low-Calorie Cocktails

As we near the holiday season, we’ll be imbibing a bit more than usual.   With some cocktails reaching 400 calories (think the classic margarita), a happy hour can easily add an extra 1000 calories, and contribute to holiday weight gain.  Sugary drinks with high calorie mixers are common culprits, as well as the rich creamy goodness of holiday drinks such as eggnog. 

You can still enjoy a night out without the empty calories by asking the bartender to skip the sugary mixes in favor of simple syrup and fresh juices. 

Drink smarter by choosing these low-calorie options:


If rum is your preferred liquor, order a mojito instead of a mai tai.  This simple yet refreshingly minty cocktail only contains 5 ingredients: fresh lime juice, mint leaves, rum, club soda, and sugar or simple syrup.  An 8-10 oz mojito with 2 tablespoons of sugar has just 169 calories.  Go easy on the sugar to make it an even lower calorie drink.



This classic Sex and the City concoction contains only 159 calories with its mixture of vodka, triple sec, lime and cranberry juices, and garnished with a lime or orange twist of course.



Instead of a margarita, choose a pretty pink Paloma with its blend of grapefruit juice, lime, soda, and tequila or mescal—all for just 190 calories.  A teaspoon of sugar is all you need for this naturally delicious drink.


Ginger Kombucha Cocktail

Anti-inflammatory ginger is the perfect spicy compliment to this drink blended with just three ingredients: lime juice, rum, and ginger kombucha.  The perfect after-work cocktail at around 170 calories.



Try a carrotini instead of a bloody mary!  Mix together carrot, orange, and ginger in your blender.  Add vodka, and top with lavender sprigs for a subtle floral note.  At just 100 calories and the added antioxidants, you’ll be wanting more than one.


Mimosa Makeover

4 ounces of champagne is only around 90 calories.  Blend with the juice of fresh tangerines for a twist on this heavenly classic


Winter Sangria

This aromatic winter treat is flavored with clementines, pears, and pomegranate.   While sangria typically is higher in calories due to the fruit juices, limiting the amount of added sugar will keep the calories under 300 for an 8 oz serving. 


Healthy Eggnog

No holiday gathering is complete without this classic drink.  Substitute the heavy cream for nonfat yogurt, and use low-fat milk for this low-calorie take on traditional eggnog.   At 228 calories, it’s a creamy delight without the added fat. 


Fytt Perspective

Remember these tips when drinking to keep it healthy!

  • Limit the sugar (and avoid mixers)
  • Drink in moderation
  • Always stay hydrated to avoid the dreaded morning hangover and puffy skin – try to drink one glass of water in between each drink, and another glass prior to bedtime.