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5 Pre And Post-Workout Gym Bag Essentials For Summer Skin

We don’t know about you, but our gym bags are almost as full as our schedules these days. It doesn’t hurt to switch things out, as what is necessary for health and wellness in the fall and winter may not be what you want to use for spring and summer. Luckily for you, we picked five new products that we consider gym bag essentials sure to keep you fresh and comfortable all summer long.

Fytt Hit Restart Detoxifying Body Scrub Treatment – $54

What’s good for your insides can’t be bad for your outsides.  New beauty line Fytt Beauty wants to prove that with their antioxidant, vitamin and mineral-rich products, including the detoxifying body scrub treatment. We had the chance to try the Hit Restart option (there are also Boost Energy and Gain Strength scrub treatments) made of kale, spinach, spirulina, cucumber and flaxseed. It’s the healthiest scrub you’ll ever use and one of the most exfoliating and nourishing beauty experiences as well. Try it after a tough workout (or mud relay?) and thank us later.