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In countless meetings about beauty trends, industry veteran Kellie Chen kept hearing questions about how to bring the health and fitness movement so prevalent in today’s wellness-minded consumers’ lifestyle to beauty.

After teaming with another industry executive Kevin Vu, she came across an idea.

“We’re big juicers,” said Chen who conceived of the idea to harness the concept of juicing into beauty. “The inspiration came after I finished working out one day and left my juice on the bathroom counter and thought ‘What if I could put the nutrition from the juice on my body?’”

After researching the benefits of popular juice ingredients on the skin, the duo developed a body-care line called FYTT ( a vision to bridge what they see as gaps in the beauty, health and fitness industries. Keeping in line with their own actions to live holistic lifestyles, they picked the name FYTT inspired by the word fit. “Fit can be summarized by in good health. FYTT’s goal is to activate skin fitness,” said Chen.

The duo hopes to do so by providing wellness-minded, active individuals healthy body-care products to complement their lifestyles. Realizing adhering to healthy regimens “is work,” their goal is to make the products easy to incorporate into total body-care routines.

First out of the gate is Hit Restart, a detoxifying body scrub treatment which debuts on the company’s web site this month. More than just a scrub, the product is also an exfoliator formulated to produce radiant skin. It features a proprietary organic superfood blend of kale, spinach, spirulina, cucumber and flaxseed. Hit Restart retails for $54 for 15 ounces. The FYTT executives said many skin-care products “boast” trendy ingredients they feel are short-term solutions. “They’re not focused on what your skin really needs to stay fundamentally healthy in the long-term. FYTT products are formulated with carefully selected healthy ingredients that are packed with large doses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, offering essential nourishment for long-term beautiful skin,” Vu said.

Further products in the pipeline include Gain Strength, an antioxidant Body Scrub Treatment and Boost Energy Energizing Body Scrub Treatment. Gain Strength is powered by beet root, Açai berry, blueberry, raspberry and grape seed. The Boost product includes ginger, carrot, orange, celery and apricot seed.

Intense research was devoted to finding out what ingredients consumers didn’t want in their body care. The result is FYTT’s 10-Free No Toxins Promise, ensuring every product is made without toxic chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil, triclosan, SLS or synthetic fragrances. FYTT never tests on animals and makes all packaging fully recyclable.

Vu, who holds the title of founding partner and president, said the company has other categories in mind. Body care debuts first with plans to extend into face and other ares. He and Chen, founding partner and vice president of brand and marketing, have more than two decades of experience with beauty companies ranging from LVMH to Procter & Gamble.

The goal is to be more than just a brand attaching itself to the natural bandwagon, Vu said. “Consumers are trying to achieve balanced lifestyles and looking for brands to guide them. It isn’t about a quick fix or a trend.

The brand created an ongoing online portal to encourage, inspire, support and educate those working to achieve healthy goals through a blog and social media content.