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5 Ways to Fall In Love With Yourself On Valentine's Day

Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is nothing more important to celebrate the relationship that you have with yourself!

Here are some fun ideas for you to express “I love myself” on Valentine’s Day. And yes, say it out loud!

  • Embrace the bath life - Bubbles, bombs, you know how it works. ;) Add in a few romantic essential oil blends. A glass of wine, a book or a magazine, your favorite podcast, some candles, and even chocolate truffles, and voilà! you’ve transformed your bathroom into a bona fide Valentine’s Day oasis.
  • Make Yourself a Valentine’s card - Decorate the card with hearts, flowers, or words of inspiration as a means to make yourself feel special and remind yourself how important it is to #selfcare.

  • Oh yes, enjoy some sexy me-time - Self-pleasure is self care, and on Valentine’s Day, you might consider taking some extra time to tend to that reality. “Self-pleasure can help you relax and improve your body awareness around feel-good sensations,” according to experts.
  • Do a rom-com night – have a romantic movie marathon bingefest. The cheesiness may just put in extra loving mood.
  • Take a ME trip - If you’re able to go somewhere safely during this time, book a last-minute solo trip. A change of scene and adventure can be a great way to symbolize your independence and autonomy.

What fun ideas do you have to “romance yourself?” Happy Almost Valentines!