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Do I Need an Armpit Detox?

Your armpits are an often neglected part of your skincare routine, but it’s important to properly cleanse your pits—especially when making the switch from conventional antiperspirants to all-natural deodorants.

Over time, conventional antiperspirants can cause a nasty buildup of toxins and residue over the surface of your skin. Many antiperspirants contain high amounts of aluminum as well as phthalates, parabens, and even formaldehyde. Needless to say, the application of endocrine disrupting ingredients right over your lymph nodes isn’t a good idea. Harmful chemicals that are absorbed through your armpits and into your lymph nodes may affect the functioning of your lymphatic system (which transport and filter out toxins and waste throughout your body)-- causing hormonal imbalances.

Many of us experience a stinky transitioning stage when switching from traditional antiperspirants to natural deodorants. Since aluminum plugs up your sweat glands (preventing sweat), the smell could be from your body detoxing the buildup of nasties. It could also be your natural microbiome balancing itself out as your sweat glands are able to freely do its thing (without being blocked by the antiperspirant). 

Whether you’re making the switch to all-natural deodorants, or if your armpits are experiencing some particularly stinky and sweaty armpit residue from dead skin and deodorant buildup, it’s important to give your pits a deep cleanse. Our armpits take a beating with daily deodorant use and sweaty workouts--and sometimes a quick once over with soap and water simply isn’t enough to remove the buildup.

So how do you cleanse your pits? You can prepare an armpit mask with bentonite clay, or massage your armpit area with our Hit Restart Detox Scrub Treatment for a refreshing deep cleanse. Containing naturally antimicrobial Spirulina and mineral rich Flaxseeds, Hit Restart detoxifies and exfoliates, while promoting healthy lymph circulation:

  1. Shower and cleanse as usual. While skin is damp, gently massage a generous amount of Hit Restart onto your armpits and let the nutrients sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.
  2. Be sure to pat your armpits completely dry as any excess moisture can cause bacteria to take up residence.
  3. Use twice a week to remove sweat, dead skin, and deodorant residue buildup.

Hit Restart contains 22 pure plant extracts to purify and nourish for smooth, refreshed armpits. Say bye bye to stinky armpit residue!


Note: be careful when using Hit Restart on your armpits after you’ve just shaved as it could cause increased sensitivity and irritation.