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4 Tips to Help You Choose Your Perfect Wellness Retreat

If you’re looking to escape for a few days from the daily grind, there is no place more perfect to relax and recharge than a wellness retreat.  Consider a retreat your refuge, a time to cultivate mindfulness, and to restore clarity and focus. With an array of customized wellness programs around the world, there is a retreat for everybody.   Return home rejuvenated, transformed, and with a surge of feel good endorphins.

Since choosing the right one takes a bit of research, we breakdown the factors to consider. 

Here’s our guide to choosing your ultimate wellness getaway.  

1. Start with an End Goal in Mind:  Prior to doing your research, set your intentions for the retreat. 

If your goal is to simply relax and chill, look for retreats that incorporate restorative yoga and meditation.  Active or bootcamp-style wellness retreats usually include 2 to 3 fitness classes or activities per day, and an emphasis on outdoor activities for those looking to work up a sweat.  There are even retreats that focus on life coaching and personal development.  Detox retreats include juice cleanses and nutrition consultations.    Decide what you’d like to accomplish from the retreat so you know what to look for when doing your research.

2. Style of Retreat: Eco-rustic or Luxurious.

If 1000 thread count sheets aren’t a priority, and you don’t mind shared accommodations, there are budget-friendly wellness retreats that start at $420 for a 3-day, all-inclusive weekend at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.   If a major selling point is the personalized guest service and high staff-to-guest ratio of 5 to 1, then a luxurious weekend at the Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in Vista, California may be more your thing—3-day all-inclusive starts at $4,275, but includes all the amenities, and 6 spa services included in the price tag.

3. When and Where? Location, Size, and Duration.

Depending on the location of the retreat, you may want to devote a few days before or afterwards to explore the surroundings.  If it’s a retreat in Tulum, Mexico, plan ahead and carve out time to spend a couple more days in nearby Cancun.   Additionally, if you prefer an intimate setting, look for retreats with small class sizes of 10 for personalized attention.   Depending on your schedule, wellness retreats can range in length from 3 days to 3 weeks or more.

4. Solo or Shared?

Lastly, consider whether you’d prefer sharing the incredibly transformative experience with like-minded friends for an opportunity to form closer bonds.  Or if you’ve never traveled alone, challenge yourself by going solo and discover aspects of yourself you never knew.  This could be a profoundly rewarding experience in itself.  


Fytt Perspective

Regardless of which wellness retreat you choose, the goal of the getaway is not only therapeutic, but also for you to gain insight into yourself and to inspire you to make healthy changes in your life.  Think of the retreat as an investment into your personal wellbeing.  With that in mind, observe things you can take away from your experience, and incorporate in your daily life once you return.